Stephen McCormick, 6th June 2017

Thanks for all your patient help and support Calum. I wasn’t sure about you when you showed me your season ticket for Partick Thistle, but I managed to overlook that and I’m glad that I did. Thank you very much.


Helen Neary, 21st April 2017

I’m so pleased with my 1st time pass, thank you for all your help and support Calum. You were great.


Felicity Gomolka, 29th March 2017

OMG !!!!! First time pass …who would have thought ? Patience, patience, patience ….how do you do it? Thanks so much Calum …not sure about your singing but your driver coaching was brill. Cheeeeeers x


Catriona Law, 22nd March 2017

Hooray !!!!! I’m so pleased, thanks Calum, you were brilliant from the 1st lesson, right through to the day of my test. I can’t thank you enough….but I’ll try  THANKS.

Catriona Law

Callum Robson, 20th February 2017

Thanks for all your help and guidance Calum. It was a good laugh as well as covering all the things I needed to improve and develop to pass the test and become a safe driver.Cheers

Callum Rob

Mark Slater, 18th February 2017

Calum, you were patient and calm right from the start. You were a great coach and a big help. Many thanks


Blair McKenzie, 7th February 2017

SO pleased with my 1st time pass Calum, thanks for all your help. Blair


Gavin Slater, 27th January 2017

First time pass, Cheers Calum



Chloe Kinloch , 30th December 2016

Oh Calum, I wanted to pass before the New Year …left it a bit late but got there thanks to you. You were great. Watch out for my wee sister coming along soon !



Nathan Darroch, 22nd December 2016

Thanks Calum, perfect timing for Christmas, you were a great help all the way through. Many thanks, have a great Festive break.


Euan Adams, 21st December 2016

SO pleased …Calum, thanks for all your help. It was good fun and positive encouragement all at the same time. Cheers


Meg Jackson, 12th December 2016

Calum, thanks so much. You know how much this means to me ……thanks for for everything.


Conor Brolly, Clarkston, 5th December 2016

I’m so chuffed. I knew all of the roads and routes beforehand. This was a great help. Great instructor Calum – thanks.


Gregor McInnes, Netherlee, 23rd November 2016

Thanks Calum. I felt really prepared for my test … and feel confident for the future. Cheers, Gregor


Fraser O’Neill, Clarkston 8th November 2016

Magic ! Thanks for all your help Calum


Keri Flower, Clarkston, 12th October 2016

First time pass ! All that I could have hoped for …Calum, thanks so, so much for everything you have done 4 me. I’ll give you a toot when I’m oot and aboot !!


Valerie Gomolka, Netherlee, 12th October 2016

I felt prepared, ready and confident to sit my test. Calum offered great support and guidance all the way through. I’m so please to pass first time. Thanks Calum


Gordon Amour, Busby, 15th September 2016

Calum, thanks so much. It was difficult squeezing lessons in,  coming back through from Edinburgh, but it was well worth it, particularly for a 1st time pass – Great instructor, thanks again.


Ross Young, Clarkston, 2nd September 2016

Calum, thanks for your help and support. Great coach and motivator. Cheers.


Lauren Kadi, Giffnock, 9th August 2016

Yaaaaaaay. Calum, you said I would pass first time and I did. Thanks for having so much confidence in me, you really helped to prepare me for the test – only 2 wee faults ! Perfect timing for my new job. Thanks a million …. 2 million !

lauren K 2

Sophie Darroch, Newton Mearns, 25th July 2016

I feel soooooooooooooo happy !!1st time pass.See you on the road Calum, thanks so much. you were great.

sophie 2 pic

Catriona Wylie, Clarkston, 7th July 2016

Wow …First time pass, I’m so pleased. Many thanks to Calum for patience and perseverance.

catriona 2 pic

Beth McNeil, Clarkston, 9th June 2016

OMG ! First time pass …. Calum, you were absolutely brilliant. So calm, so confident in my driving, so supportive. I can’t thank you enough……. won’t miss Govan !!

beth 2 pic

Tom Whitehouse, Clarkston 8th June 2016

Thanks Calum – I enjoyed our time together, but I must say ….I’m glad the test’s over, Cheers

tom 2 pic

Michael Hain, Whitecraigs, 6th June 2016

Calum, you’ve been a great help from the start. You really helped me to get a First time pass, I can’t thank you enough….. and yes, Superstition is one of the best funky openings to any song …

michael RG pic

Anna Macneill, Giffnock, 31st May 2016

What a fantastic start to the summer, it’s the perfect end to all of the studying and exams. Thanks a million Calum, you were fantastic … and (quite) funny too. Great to pass 1st time ! !

Anna pic 2

Charlotte Moon, Shawlands, 3rd May 2016

All those dark winter nights paid off! Thanks so much Calum, you were really encouraging and supportive all the way through – leading to a 1st time pass !


Katie Morrow, Newlands

I’m so happy I passed ! Calum, I absolutely couldn’t have managed without you – great help and support all the way through.

katie Morr

Hannah Gillan, 19th April 2016, Thornliebank

Calum, thanks a million. I was a bit nervous after my last test was called off due to poor weather, however, I felt really prepared for the test – I’m so happy. Thanks again.

User comments

User comments

Harry Moir, 6th April 2016, Cambuslang

Calum, I’ve known you all my life. I’ve always liked you …now I REALLY like you ! Thanks for all your patience and encouragement.

User comments

User comments

Sammy Gallacher, 4th April 2016, Deaconsbank

So pleased with my 1st time pass Calum. Thanks for your help, Cheers

User comments

User comments

Emma Flynn, 25th February 2016, Newton Mearns

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. Thanks so much Calum. Roundabouts – what are they like !!

EmmaFlynn 2

Conor McGee, 25th January 2016

Thanks a lot for all the help Calum you were an excellent instructor and I wish you all the best

Conor McGee1

Cheryl Turner, Clarkston, 11th January 2016

I’m so pleased with my 1st time pass Calum. Thanks for everything, you were a great help. Cheers


Mairead Corrigan, Newlands, 5th January 2016

Happy New Year ! Calum, thanks so much, you were patient, calm and informative. I’m so pleased that the 2 hour jaunts to Govan are over !! Cheers.


Jack Turner, Clarkston, 22nd December 2015

So happy. Cheers Calum, thanks for everything. The only thing is ….that’s me the designated driver for Christmas and New Year !! Thanks again.


Kieran Fitzpatrick, Deaconsbank, 8th December 2015

I’m so chuffed with my First time pass, thanks for all your help Calum. See you around.


Emer Ross, Newlands, 24th November 2015

1st time pass …with only 1 minor …wow ! Calum, thanks so much, you really made me feel at ease and confident for the Test. I almost wish I could do it all again ( erm …not really!) See you around :)


Gregor Hillhouse, Clarkston, 27th October 2015 

First time pass – brilliant ! Every lesson was worthwhile and structured around what I felt were the priorities. Obviously, Calum made sure that I covered everything I needed to pass the test. Great coach and great fun. Cheers Calum


Calum Bell, Clarkston, 19th October 2015

SO pleased I passed, it feels fantastic. I felt really prepared for the test after our lessons together. Thanks again Calum

Calum Bell 2

Paul Graham, Shawlands, 15th October 2015

Calum was so flexible and supportive at all times, and somehow managed to remain calm and positive throughout it all !   …. intuitive coach. Thanks Calum

paul pic 2

Jenny Kerr, Netherlee 19th August 2015

Fantastic ! I’m so happy I’ve passed. Calum, you were great, I really feel I couldn’t have done it without you … thanks a million ! See you soon for PassPlus, Cheers.


Fiona McKeon, Muirend, 3rd July, 2015

Rounds off a great year, thanks so much Calum, especially for your patience and good humour.

fiona 2

Katie Doyle, Muirend, 29th June 2015

I’m so pleased to pass 1st time, thanks very much Calum. The travelling backwards and forwards from Edinburgh was worth it! Thanks again.

katie D 2

Emmeline Brown, Giffnock, 15th June 2015

Only gone and done it ! Calum, so much patience and perseverance, Thank you very much for everything.

Jennifer Doherty, Cathcart, 10th June 2015

Calum, I really enjoyed our time together (after the initial nerves – mine, not yours!) … how did you stay so calm? I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me, many many thanks.


 Georgia Paterson, Robslee, 8th June 2015

First time pass …..how wonderful! Calum, couldn’t have done it without you! Great fun and great calming influence. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

georgia P

Emily Campbell, Busby, 5th May 2015

I’m so pleased I passed 1st time. Calum really offered lots of encouragement and advice – great coach. Thanks again Calum

emily C

Mark Toner, Clarkston, 11th March 2015

Calum, thanks very much for your help and support.. See you around. Cheers



Marcia George, Newton Mearns, 5th March 2015

Fantastic, fun, fabulous, fair, faithful, first-rate, frank,friendly, funky, forward-projecting, first-time pass specialist – that’s you Calum!

marcia 2

Rachel Cunliffe, Cathcart, 2nd March 2015

I’m soooooo pleased. What a difference this is going to make to my life! Calum, thank you so much for your patience and support – you were just great, and …1st time pass – Fantastic. Thanks again.

rachel pic 2

James Beattie, Clarkston, 27th February 2015

1st time pass – Cheers mate…can’t wait to play ma tuuuuuuuunes !

James B 2

Katie Marshall, Giffnock, 24th February 2015

Thank you so much Calum, patience and perseverance paid off! Good fun – great instructor. See you around Calum

Katie M 2

 Emma Wilson, Newton Mearns, 3rd February 2015

I really enjoyed my lessons, right from the outset, Calum knew all of the routes and challenging areas around the Test Centre. Calum was good fun, with a very calm and reassuring manner at all times. Great fun – and 1st time pass too, thanks Calum

Emmapic 2

Lauren O’Donnell, Clarkston, 12th January 2015

Learning with Thistle driving school was great. I felt really comfortable and relaxed with Calum, he was good fun as well as a great trainer.

Lauren pic 2


Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Deaconsbank, 10th December 2014

Calum was a fantastic driver trainer, He was always really patient and took time to explain things and give me lots of support. Just brilliant …thanks Calum.

Caitlin pic

Carla Verschueren, Muirend, 27th November 2014

I’m so pleased that Calum was recommended to me. (txs Holly!) I really enjoyed the sessions, good fun as well as informative and educational. First time pass too !Thank you so much Calum.

Carla pic

Kurtis Darroch, Newton Mearns, 25th November 2014

Great Instructor – good laugh and good teacher – Cheers Calum

Kurtis pic

James Mcgaughey, Priesthill, 20th November 2014

Calum, thank u so much for everything. Your support and coaching was most appreciated. Cheers

james pic

Ross Sloan, Newton Mearns, 19th November 2014

Ya Daaaaaaaancer !  Cheers Calum, thanks so much.

Ross pic

Lisa Brown, Thornliebank, 12th November 2014

1st time pass …I’m so chuffed ! Thanks for all your help Calum, I’ve already passed your details on to friends.

lisa pic

Jack Hampsey, Clarkston, 11th November 2014

So pleased to pass first time. Calum was a great coach, offering  support and encouragement all the way, from start to finish. I’ve signed up for PassPlus and can’t wait. Thanks Calum.

jack pic


Emma McShannon, Busby, 3rd October 2014

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Calum. It was great fun and I felt at ease from the start, through to the finish! Calum explained things in straight forward and easy to understand terms, I’m so pleased … thanks Calum



Iona Low, Clarkston, 2nd September

Calum was a great instructor, right from the start. He made me feel at ease, and was always as flexible as possible with lesson times. I started my driving lessons at school and finished just as I am about to go to University – The whole driving journey helped bridged that gap. Thanks Calum.


Georgia Crichton, Netherlee, 29th August.

I’m so pleased that I passed ….and First time !! Passing today just finished off a fantastic time for me. I’ve been really busy with exams, Uni applications and loads of other things, but Calum kept me focussed and encouraged me to keep on with our Driving lessons. Calum’s been a great motivator and instructor, all the way through our journey together. Many thanks Calum.


Theresa Clarke, Battlefield, 11th August 2014

I had started to learn to drive many years ago, but did not enjoy the experience at all and it put me off – I thought for good. However, I came across Calum and I’ve really surprised myself that not only have I passed first time, but I really enjoyed the whole learning experience. Calum was so patient, supportive and positive throughout each lesson, there was no pressure at all. Great instructor, coach and trainer. Cheers Calum


David Campbell, Newlands, 22nd July 2014

I can’t recommend Calum highly enough! He showed great patience and understanding during every lesson and made the sessions good fun. Calum always asked “what do you want to do today?”. At first, I thought…’you tell me what to do ‘!, however as I became more competent and experienced, I knew what I wanted to concentrate on and I set the agenda for the lesson. It felt like a real partnership. Thanks again Calum.

david pic

Andrew McNee, Giffnock, 3rd July 2014

Great day today… so pleased to pass my test 1st time. Calum was really encouraging and helpful – often finding out how I felt about certain driving issues, but sometimes just giving direct advice/instruction when it was necessary. I’m going to recommend Calum to my mates … thanks again !



Katie Buchanan, Newton Mearns, 27th June 2014

Calum was a great coach and I felt at ease right from the start. Every lesson was always great fun, but I learned so much every time. Calum always encouraged me to take responsibility for my own learning and setting my own objectives. I really wanted to pass 1st time … and I did ! And ….I loved the car !


Holly Gomez, Newlands, 6th June 2014

If you’re looking for a friendly, funny and fabulous driving instructor, then Calum is the man to go to! I really cant recommend Thistle Driving School enough. Calum is very enthusiastic about driving and making sure his pupils are comfortable and confident drivers! Huge thanks to Calum for enabling me to pass 1st time! Oh, and also, he is always on time !

holly pic 2


Fraser Morrison, Barrhead, 4th April 2014

Great Coach, great Instructor ! Calum managed to work around my demanding work patterns and had a really flexible and professional approach, which was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve already passed on Calum’s details to other potential students. Thanks again Calum.

fraser 2 pic

Gary McCord, Cambuslang, 26th March 2014

I’m so pleased to pass first time. Calum and I decided on a plan – and it worked! Calum was a great coach, who made the whole experience enjoyable. I’m looking forward to my Motorway training in a couple of weeks. Thistle Driving school is highly recommended.

Gary pic

Michael Kerr, Netherlee, 13th February 2014

Calum was great. We worked well together. Calum coached me through the Driving syllabus, using a variety of techniques. I’m so pleased I passed 1st time. Calum…thanks so much for all your help.



Claire Gordon, Thornliebank, 5th February 2014

Thistle Driving School and Calum were fantastic. Calum put me at ease right from the start, he was encouraging, supportive and he really cared about making me a better driver. I’d recommend Thistle Driving School to everyone (I already have and you’re going to be dead busy !)









josh picI’

I’m really pleased that I passed with Thistle Driving School, with just 2 minor faults. This success will really help my career. I’m going to update my CV right now – Thanks Calum.

(Josh Ewing, Clarkston 6th November 2013)

Greg pic

I’m so pleased I passed my Test…Big thanks to Calum and Thistle Driving School, really professional but relaxed at the same time…also, brilliant value for money (Greg Henderson, Newton Mearns, 28th October 2013)

Russ pic

I started driving again a few months ago, after a long break in learning. Calum quickly assessed where I needed to develop and built a training programme around my needs, allowing me to pass first time ! Calum is going to provide a mini Passplus programme for me over the next week or so, to round off a great training experience.

Russell Matthews, Newton Mearns, October 2013.



Matt pass

Thistle Driving School was great. Calum made me feel at ease and it was a laugh in the car, but Calum was a great Instructor at the same time. Calum told me I would pass first time – and I did! (Matthew McKenzie, Netherlee, October 2013)


Hannah pic

Thistle Driving School was very professional and real value for money. Calum was a fantastic teacher, who identified what I needed to pass my test first time and was flexible in his approach to developing my driving skills. I highly recommend Calum and Thistle Driving School to everyone. (Hannah Addison, Clarkston, September 2013)

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